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Family and Corporate Entertainment at its Best

Welcome to Port 88, where you’ll find an engaging and entertaining variety of zones to explore. With options for all interests and ages, there’s something to capture everyone’s attention. Whether you’re into cutting-edge gaming, thrilling adventures, or classic lifestyles, we’ve got it all.



Board Game Library

We offer you a game range of over 500 board games! At Chit Club we have both retro and restyled versions of popular games. Find yours!

Play with Your Friends

If you want to spend your time with friends playing interesting board games Chit Club is the best choice. We have enough space for any company.

Tasty Food & Drinks

Sandwiches, hamburgers, chips and unforgettable pizza are waiting for you at Chit Club. Have fun with friends and eat, seriously, what can be better?

Game Benefits

Benefits of Playing Board Games

A game, generally, adds joy to life, but board games additionally teach some unique skills and give a couple of really life-improving benefits. It’s not an activity that should be enjoyed once in a while when you get bored or something, but a great chance to level up your power of problem-solving skill.

Teaches problem solving

Games can reduce stress

Encourages teamwork

Teaches to set goals

Upcoming Events

Meetup Schedule

August 23, 2025 07:00 Canada, Scarborough

Make New Friends Day

August 3, 2026 06:00 Canada, Scarborough

Board Games Meetup

August 7, 2026 08:00 Canada, Scarborough

Card Poker Competition

August 18, 2023-November 16, 2027 Canada, Scarborough

Table Football Competition


Samuel Wilson


Toys and games PR, a lifelong fan of board, card and dice games. And cocktails. Literally, our think tank.

Linda Pike

Creative Designer

Board games guru, gamer, journalist and a proud mother of two are our testers of board games for kids.

Casey Hill


A toyologist, dad, designer, and journalist, he is the biggest fan of board games. He knows exactly what you need!